Life of an Entrepreneur

Shan Hanif

My name is Shan Hanif and I help people become entrepreneurs through my company Genflow. I was named UK’s Entrepreneur of the year for 2020 and finished the year raising $11M from one the best investors in the world BGF Ventures. I left my job in 2014 and have worked incredibly hard to build my business from the ground up and getting the most hands on experience you can imagine.

This podcast is not your normal self help, motivation, business advice so if you are looking for that then this is NOT for you.

This is a real life, raw, actual breakdown of what my life is like running a growing business, what I do each day, how I push forwards, deal with problems, hire and fire people, build huge brands, help other people achieve their goals so if your looking to start your own business, are a founder or work at a fast growth company you will like what I have to say.